I started dating with my boyfriend

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    30 мар 2017
    Judgment whether an item is important to you or not, you need only name necklace two criterias. The first one, who it s from? The second one, what it means costume jewelry to you? Now, Let's listen to the warm stories together! I Remember once I had a http://www.lovmer.comquarrel with my boyfriend. And I threw away the engagement ring when I was in a rage. My boyfriend turned around and walked away. I lost sleep all night, but the next day I found him squatting in the yard. Now we have got the marriage certificate. And that night was just like the thrombus in our love. I started dating with my boyfriend when we were at university. At that time, couples in schools will wore a couple of rings, and I want them too. He said, you deserve the best ring. In fact, no matter what it is, it's OK for me as long as it is a couple of rings. The first year of work, because we were not working in the same city, I went to see him on his birthday. I did not buy him a birthday gift. Instead, he gave me a ring, drilled. It's not very expensive, like it.I told him that we got married, we would not need a personalized necklaceto buy a ring, this one is OK. My most precious jewel is the classic, simple and elegant claw with a wedding diamond ring.That day, when my husband knelt down and opened the ring in front of me, I was married to tears. My husband and I got married five years after we fell in love. We did not have so many romantic stories. The two of us are naturally come together to get married.We usually have endless words, and say many times I love you to each other every day! We buy food and cook together, go shopping together. I pose, and he takes a picture for me. In his words, he will be happy only when I am happy, and this ring seems to witness the dribs and drabs of our love. It seems that the movement of love will moisten things silently. So, What is the jewel story that happened to you?

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