NBA Expansion Plan

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    Or anywhere else for that matter, which is exactly why we need to put together the Bleacher Report's official NBA expansion plan.

    What's better than basketball? More basketball!

    Remember, for every team that changes locations or stays put, there's a disappointed group of people. If the Kings remain in California, Seattle will be upset. Conversely, a move to the rain of the two cities would leave Sacramento residents unhappy.

    No matter what happens, someone has to lose.

    Or do they?

    Let's appease a whole lot more people across the landscape of basketball fans by adding six more teams to the Association.

    Please note that I'm a cheap football jerseys not particularly worried about the financial aspect of this expansion. That's a concern for another time and place, as NBA teams are a luxury cheap jerseys us item. Among the multimillionaires and billionaires who purchase franchises, these commodities are viewed more as status symbols and objects of pleasure than as investments.

    As the saying goes, when there's a will, there's a way.

    For the sake of the sake of the interesting hypothetical expansion scenario, let's just assume that the money works out in the long run. Even if it's ultimately a faulty assumption, just allow it to fly here.

    This article deals solely with how the NBA would be set up with 36 teams in the NFL Jerseys Wholesale fold. We're going to start with the six added teams, then run through the new division / conference / playoff formats and how the rosters would be formed.

    New Teams (represented from West to East)

    The following six teams would be the new additions to the league. I strongly recommend that you leave your own suggestions for the nicknames in the comment section. Assuming that they can regain the rights to the right, the uniforms and the nickname of the Northwest, there's no reason for change.

    Ever since the Clay Bennett situation led to Seattle losing its professional basketball squad and the Oklahoma City Thunder became a reality, there have been rumors about an eventual return.

    Let's make it happen.

    There's nothing particularly complicated about this one.

    Las Vegas Flush

    Concerns are some There about Whether or not Las Wholesale Jerseys the Vegas' population Could support a team, But not Because of the number of Residents. Many people move to Vegas after establishing rooting interests elsewhere, so it's questionable as to whether or not the hometown of loyalties would trump the local ones.

    However, the thought of an NBA team in Vegas is simply too great to pass up.

    Can you imagine the spectacle? How much of a home court would advantage the Flush gain from the Vegas Strip?

    Credit for this team name has to go to my dad. I was discussing the expansion of the topic with him and after running through the obvious choices (Gamblers, Dealers, etc.), he blurted out "Flush."

    The Southwest is crowded already, but with a growing population that has already topped half a million, New Mexico's largest city makes logical sense. After all, the fanbase would extend throughout the previously NBA less state, and El Paso, Texas would likely produce a number of supporters as well.

    Louisville in particular was a strong contender for this spot, but Albuquerque also allows for a more sensible split of divisions, one that we'll get to later.

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