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    Have you ever given a thought to the cute clothings you put your baby in? You probably should, as baby clothing is something that is in constant contact with your baby's skin. You will find that most baby clothings are made of cotton, but are any of us actually aware of what that even means? If you care about the food your baby ingests, it was high time to pay attention to their clothings too,baby stores online, as those affect their health just as much (if not more!)!

    Conventionally grown cotton uses large amounts of synthetic fertilisers and hazardous insecticides, which makes it bad for BOTH the environment and the consumers. Consumers like you and me also cop a double whammy when toxic chemical carcinogens e.g. dioxin and formaldehyde are used during production. This stands in stark contrast to the organic cotton - cotton grown without using any (or using a negligible amount of) chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Only organic manure and natural pesticides are used on them, making organic cotton baby clothings one of the best investments that you can make for your child's health.

    Today, we are detailing the top four compelling reasons why EVERY parent should opt for organic cotton baby clothings whenever possible.

    1. Organic cotton is good for your baby's skin and health
    You have probably heard that a baby's skin is more delicate and sensitive than the adult's skin but what exactly does that mean? For starters, baby's skin is a lot thinner and more porous – meaning that they absorb toxins at a higher rate than us! As I have previously mentioned, toxic chemical carcinogens like dioxin and formaldehyde are widely used in the production of conventional cotton clothings. Putting these clothings on your baby is akin to applying these nasty chemicals directly onto their delicate skin! Some of the chemicals used during production have also been known to trigger allergy reaction, asthma and rashes in babies. Yikes!

    2. Organic cotton baby clothings are way more durable
    Because organic cotton baby clothings have gone through significantly less processing than their non-organic counterparts, the strength in their fibres is largely retained – meaning they are simply stronger and as such,baby clothes, able to withstand a lot more washing. This will give you more mileage out of them, rendering the argument that they are costly invalid when one considers their cost-per-wear.

    This is especially good news for those who want to have more children, making organic cotton baby clothings an even worthier investment! Handing them down to your next child will also reduce wastage, making the environment breathe easier, which brings us to the next point.

    3. Organic cotton baby clothings are good for the environment
    Did you know that the cotton plant is a crop that requires more pesticides and fertiliser than any other? Yes! According to the Huffington Post, it is estimated that each year, cotton producers use as much as 25% of the world's insecticides and 10% of the world's pesticides – quite an eye-watering amount for just one crop!

    As opposed to organic cotton farming which leaves very light eco footprints. Pesticides and chemical fertilisers are NOT used in favour of naturally SAFER methods like hand hoeing, crop rotation, physical removal of weeds instead of using herbicides and etc. This sustainable practice results in a strong and healthy soil that will continuously produce toxin-free cotton fabric for many, many years to come!
    Organic cotton farming reduces deaths and other health issues

    Since no chemicals and pesticides are used in organic cotton farming, no water, land and air pollution will ever take place. The World Health Organisation has stated that the majority of deaths occurring each year from pesticide poisonings come from conventional cotton farms. Supporting the organic cotton producer means less senseless deaths of the sort. And one should also not forget that these harmful pesticides can easily trickle into the human food chain – mostly via cotton seed oil used in processed foods like mayonnaise, chips and baked goods (up to 35% of them in the US).

    4. Organic cotton baby clothings are very soft and pure
    All the reasons given above are of course, ineffectual if organic cotton clothings are scratchier and less comfortable than conventional cotton clothings which thankfully, couldn't be further from the truth! Organic cotton baby clothings are the best thing that can happen to your baby's skin (and health); because not only are they completely free from toxins, they also feel extra soft to the touch!

    The only problem that I can see with buying organic cotton baby clothings is that it can be hard to tell for the average consumer on what is the real deal or not. This is where the very well-established Sapling Organic comes in – with its 100% GOTS certified organic cotton baby clothings. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is in short, the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria,baby safety, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

    Buying any product from Sapling's Organic also means that you support and encourage fair trade. By buying Sapling's Organic, you are basically keeping your little one's skin healthy with clothings that are made by people who are actually paid fairly for their work.

    Another truly compelling reason to support Sapling's Organic is their clothings' exceptional quality. Every hem and binding is double stitched to ensure durability and side seams are flat stitched to eliminate any irritation for your child. EVERY dye used on their clothings is also GOTS certified and water-based for health purposes!

    As a conclusion, by choosing Sapling's Organic's organic cotton baby clothings, you are essentially:
    taking care of your baby's skin and health,
    supporting sustainable farming practices,
    reducing the pesticide contamination of Mother Earth,
    paying for quality and,
    supporting fair trade.

    There is also another reason to buy them this month – Sapling's Organic's gorgeous clothings are currently at a GREAT 20% OFF on Applecrumby & Fish, Malaysia's Leading Online Baby Store for premium baby essentials at fair pricing! I highly recommend snapping them up quickly before they run out, and have a feel for yourself what the hype is all about. Trust me, once you go organic, you won't go back!
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