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    The quest to create an affordable, Shipping Container House paradigm to satisfy the growing need for housing in the developing world has long been a thought topic for architects, developers, NGOs, and governments worldwide. It seems the thrust of these efforts have often involved modification of shipping containers. Here at Mark Line we have experience modifying existing ISO containers and fabricating new containers with custom dimensions. This idea has some great benefits to recommend it as there are hundreds of thousands of cargo containers spread across the entirety of the world.

    The best advantage of this abode is the acceleration of assemlbe;Environment; Know down into shipment alembic , Best fit for carriage ; Aswell it can add a low classes if required, .it can be acclimated for residential housing, workers dormitory, acting houses, cafeteria, warehouse, workshop, shop, etc.

    We body our modular homes in a controlled branch ambiance in HangZhou China. This allows for a abundant beneath architecture time, added able use of resources, lower amount of architecture and beneath wastage, so we can accompany you above superior apartment at lower cost. We are aswell able to accurately adumbrate our costs and accomplishment timescales, so we don’t accept to body in the allowances and on-site costs you usually pay with accepted architecture methods. Importantly, Nova Deko is the manufacturer. There is no-one in amid to aerate the price, so you are affairs branch absolute at the everyman accessible price.

    Hzxiaoya modular industry continues to push the envelope of innovation. Irwin Consult recently announced the completion of what is currently the world’s tallest modular building, which they prepared the structural design for. The system certainly looks very innovative with preformed columns being filled with concrete to create continuous concrete columns bearing loads down into the foundation. It is very much worth your time to read Our post in its entirety where they detail this innovative modular system.

    We deliver and install Prefab House buildings for the residential customer, as well as for commercial projects. If you would like to have a mini home moved and installed on a private lot, or in a home park, if you would like to have a 2 storey home delivered and craned onto a foundation, if your company has a number of modular units to be delivered to a commercial site, or if your business must have over-dimensional or overweight industrial equipment moved, we can accommodate your needs.

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